A healthy life has always been a fundamental need for human beings. During the 20th century, illness have been conquered through the improvement of medicine to find cures. However, some illnesses, such as cancer or lifestyle-related diseases, are not as simple to conquer. Therefore, preventive medicine and the healthcare will become the main focus in the 21st century.

 Development of new technology has made it possible to construct a higher quality of life. Some possible key solutions include achieving a compatible interface with living body through material design using new technologies. We hope to develop and lead the world on new biotechnologies using healthcare devices, such as Time Reset Medical care and brain functional analysis. Even though Japan has fallen behind in the field of genetic analysis, I believe that biotechnology will flourish through the use of new materials in the development iof new devices. It is necessary to use cutting edge materials for cutting edge biotechnology. Through the fusion of fundamental science and material engineering, the development of improved biotechnologies will flourish.

Proffessor   the Univ. of Toyko

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