Langmuir Poster Award

Langmuir award
Jing Zhao
(McMaster University)
“Synthetic polyampholytes as macromolecular cryoprotective agents”
Mingwei Mu
(The University of Tokyo)
“Two-step ARGET-ATRP synthesis of amphiphilic tri-block phospholipid polymers”
Sheng-Han Chen
(The University of Tokyo)
“Photoreactive MPC polymers for surface modifiaction of implantable porous substrate”

RSC Soft Matter Poster Award

soft matter award
Mary Beth O'Kelly
(University of Washington)
“Self-healing zwitterionic microgels as a versatile platform material for malleable cell constructs and injectable therapies”
Bowen Li
(University of Washington)
“Zwitterionic nanocages improve the safety and efficacy of biologic drugs”

RSC Biomaterials Sciecne Poster Award

Biomaterials Sci
Sarah Ward
(University of Massachusetts Amherst)
“Polymer zwitterion prodrugs as chemotherapeutics””
Erik Liu
(University of Washington)
“Expression of EK fusion proteins to enhance protein kinetics and stability”