Invited Speakers

Plenary lecture (tentative)

Kazunari Akiyoshi (Kyoto University)
"Bioinspired nanotransporters for biologics DDS"
Françoise M. Winnik (University of Montreal)
"Properties of zwitterion-modified natural and synthetic polymers in solution and on interfaces"
Todd Emrick (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
"Novel and functional zwitterions to promote polymer therapeutics and robust assembly methods"

Invited lecture (tentative)

Antoine Venault (Chung Yuan Christian University)
"Searching for more time- and cost-effective methods to incorporate zwitterionic materials in polymeric membranes for biofouling mitigation"
Chun-Jen Huang (National Central University)
"Development and applications of zwitterionic assemblies"
Feng Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Bioinspired hydrogels: strong, lubricious and astringent"
Han Zuilhof (Wageningen University)
"Romantic surfaces - from antifouling to biospecificity"
Hong Chen (Soochow University)
"Surface modification: from solid substrates to living cells"
Jian Ji (Zhejiang University)
"Mix-charged bionanointerface: From smart to self-adaptive"
Jihun Seo (Korea University)
"Photo-crosslinkable zwitterionic polymers for development of anti-biofouling interfaces"
Julius Vancso (University of Twente)
"Electrostatic charge and surface fouling at the nanoscale: Isoelectric points of proteins by Atomic Force Microscopy"
Junqi Sun (Jilin University)
"Influence of Hydration States of Polysulfobetaine Brushes to the Interaction with Particles and Human Erythrocytes"
Karen Gleason (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Ultrathin and Multifunctional Zwitterionic Polymer Layers via Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)"
Kazuhiko Ishihara (The University of Tokyo)
"Surface biocompatibility on the MPC polymers"
Kefeng Ren (Zhejiang University)
"Improved Endothelial Function by the Polyelectrolyte Film with Mechanical Adaptability"
Kenichi Morigaki (Kobe University)
"Patterned lipid bilayer on solid substrate as a versatile model system of the biological membrane"
Kohei Shiraishi (Kindai University)
"Preparation of Poly[(meth)acrylamide] Having L-Lysine Moiety and it Effect on Fibrinolytic Activity"
Koji Toma (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
"UV curable MPC polymer for stable enzyme immobilization on a mouthguard biosensor in saliva glucose monitoring"
Lei Jiang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Smart Interfacial Materials from Super-wettability to Binary Cooperative Complementary Systems"
Lei Zhang (Tianjin University)
"New Strategies for Cell Preservation"
Lin Zhang (Zhejiang University)
"Fabrication an Non-fouling Zwitterionic Layers on Reverse Osmosis Membrane Surface"
Linqi Shi (Nankai University)
"Self-assembly Molecular Chaperones Mediate Smart Across Biological bBarriers"
Mary Chan-Park (Nanyang Technological University)
"Cationic hydrogels and polymers for biomedical and environmental disinfection"
Masayuki Kyomoyo (KYOCERA Corporation)
"Development and practical application of a novel joint replacement based on biomimetic technology with zwitterionic polymer"
Matthew Tirrell (University of Chicago)
"Glutamate-Lysine Copolymers as Model Polyampholytes"
Moon Jeong Park (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
"Superfast soft actuators based on zwitterion electrolytes"
Motoyasu Kobayashi (Kogakuin University)
"Adhesive Interaction of Polyzwitterion Brushes Containing Sulfo- and Phospho-betaine Groups in Water"
Nobuyuki Morimoto (Tohoku University)
"Zwitterionic sulfobetaine copolymers for intracellular delivery"
Qiao Jin (Zhejiang University)
"Zwitterionic Supramolecular Prodrug Micelles as Intracellularly Activatable Nanocarriers for Photodynamic Theranostics"
Shaoyi Jiang (University of Washington)
"Zwitterionic poly(carboxybetaine) surface coatings, hydrogels and nanoparticles"
Shengfu Chen (Zhejiang University)
"Soft, But Robust Biocompatible Zwitterionic Poly(sulfobetaine methacrylate) Hydrogel Through Pressure-induced Dipole-dipole Interaction"
Shin-ichi Yusa (University of Hyogo)
"Polyampholyte bearing Pendant Sulfonate and Quaternary Amino Groups"
Shinji Sugihara (University of Fukui)
"Polymerization Induced Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Nano-objects Including Poly(2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine) Segment"
Shota Fujii (The University of Kitakyushu)
"Amino acid-based zwitterions bearing calixarene micelles with pH-controllable aggregation number corresponding to regular polyhedra"
Shutao Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Engineering Biointerface with Controlled Cell Adhesion for Cancer Diagnostics"
Tadashi Nakaji-Hirabayashi (University of Toyama)
"Development of regenerative medical devices using zwitterionic and charge-neutralized polymer materials"
Takashi Miyata (Kansai University)
"Stimuli-responsive zwitterionic polymer particles and capsules with dynamic crosslinks"
Tatsuo Maruyama (Kobe University)
"Intracellular nanofiber formation of a supramolecular gelator induces death of cancer cells"
Tatsuro Goda (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
"Phospholipid-mimicked materials: Applications to biosensing and cell penetration"
Tomohiro Konno (The University of Tokyo)
"Spontaneously and reversible phospholipid polymer hydrogels for advanced cell engineering"
Toshifumi Takeuchi (Kobe University)
"Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Based on Zwitterionic Materials Capable of Protein Recognition"
Weibor Tsai (National Taiwan University)
"Facile methods for conjugation of anti-fouling zwitterionic polymers to biomaterials"
Xiaojie Lin (University of Washington)
"Ultralow fouling and functionalizable zwitterionic polymer surface for biomedical devices"
Xin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Zwitterionic Polymers as Carriers for Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment"
Xiqun Jiang (Nanjing Unversity)
"Tumor-penetrating polymer drug delivery system"
Xuesi Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Preparation and Biomedical Applications of Injectable Polypeptide Hydrogels"
Yasuhiko Iwasaki (Kansai University)
"Photo-assisted generation of phosphorylcholine-based zwitterionic polymer substrates for regiospecific protein conjugation"
Yoshihiro Sasaki (Kyoto University)
"Magnetic protein transduction by nanogel hybrids with iron oxide"
Yuji Higaki (Kyushu University)
"Influence of Hydration States of Polysulfobetaine Brushes to the Interaction with Particles and Human Erythrocytes"
Yung Chang (Chung Yuan Christian University)
"Bioinspired zwitterionic-bias membranes for biomedical applications"
Yuuki Inoue (The University of Tokyo)
"Intermolecular interaction forces operating at zwitterionic polymer brush surface with excellent repellency of protein adsorption"
Zhi-Kang Xu (Zhejiang University)
"Zwitterionic Membrane Surfaces for Water Treatment"
Zhiqiang Cao (Wayne State University)
"Zwitterionic materials for medical applications"