Conference Overview

Understanding the sophisticated functionalities offered by objects and processes found in nature will guide the design of materials with desirable properties to meet challenging applications. Zwitterionic materials, inspired by cell membranes and proteins, are excellent examples of bioinspired materials and have emerged as a new class of biomaterials. ICBZM 2017 aims to capture the excitement of this emerging field.
This conference will focus on zwitterionic materials as polymers, hybrids and molecular assemblies. The purposes are to update latest developments in zwitterionic materials and identify challenges and opportunities in biomaterials. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers from different fields in biomaterials, polymers, chemistry and bioengineering to discuss recent advances, share innovative ideas, and promote international collaborations.


■ Bioinspired molecular design of zwitterionic biomaterials focused on biomacromolecules

■ Interaction and bioresponse between zwitterionic biomaterials and biomolecules

■ Features of zwitterionic biomaterials for cell engineering and tissue engineering

■ Clinical evaluation and trial for advanced medical devices with zwitterionic biomaterials

Organizing Comittee

Organizing Committee Chairs Kazuhiko Ishihara (The University of Tokyo)
Yasuhiko Iwasaki (Kansai University)
Organizing Committee Shin-ichi Yusa (University of Hyogo)
Tomohiro Konno (The University of Tokyo)
Yuuki Inoue (The University of Tokyo)
Tatsuro Goda (Tokyo Med Dent Univ)
Ji-Hun Seo (Korea Univ)
Xiaojie Lin (Univ Washington)
Kyoko Fukazawa (The University of Tokyo)
International Organizing Committee Jian Ji (Zhejiang University) China
Shaoyi Jiang (Univ Washington) USA
Yung Chang (Chung Yuan Univ) Taiwan